All About Ecotourism In Pulau Tidung

After a hard night’s walk on Walking Street in Pulau Tidung, it may be hard to believe that there are any altruistic bones left within the human species, unless they are utilized for self-gratification and pleasures of the flesh, but yes, there do exist businesses in Pulau Tidung concerned about the atmosphere, the nearby culture, and the preservation from the fragile coastal environments.

Two businesses come to mind, and both operate submarine tours from the coral off the islands of Pulau Pari and Pulau Payung.

Pulau Tidung Jembatan Cinta Semi-Submarine and Pulau Tidung Submarine of Pulau Tidung have built a company around the fundamental tenants of ecotourism, as defined by the International Ecotourism Society (TIES) founded in 1990 to ensure such businesses exist, and act ethically by:

Pulau Talang Talang

Pulau Talang Talang (Photo credit: Rahiman Madli)

    1. Ensuring that every tour facilitates environmental awareness.
    2. Ensuring that any tour minimizes the influence around the atmosphere.
    3. Ensuring that all tours give back some direct financial benefits to conservation and preservation efforts.
    4. Ensuring that the tour respects the culture of the locals.
    5. Ensuring that the tour entails travel to a natural destination.
    6. Ensuring the tour provides financial advantages towards the local neighborhood.
    7. Ensuring the tour supports democratic movements and human rights.

These are the fundamental actions taken by any tour operator whose claim to fame and fortune include the brand “Ecotourism.

In the case of submarine tours into protected coral waters, this kind of tourism more than the other kind: massive rampant destructive and neglectful, mean the distinction in between getting a all-natural beach atmosphere – or not!

You see, coral reefs do more than offer habitat for greater than four,000 species of fish and thousands of other plants and animals, these reefs shield nearby shorelines against storm erosion and wave harm; and with out these shorelines would shrivel, together with the tourist numbers with it.

So the Pulau Tidung Jembatan Cinta Semi-Submarine and also the Pulau Tidung Submarine businesses practice a “busload” method to coral viewing that is more eco-friendly then individual diving or glass-bottom boat tours. No anchors are dropped on fragile formations and no damage from inexperienced scuba divers is ever incurred.

Rather, passengers are comfortably shown the natural wonders from the deep, with a minimum of environmental impact.

It all begins with an 8km ferry ride out to the submarine platforms offshore, near Pulau Pari & Pulau Payung, with passengers embarking from Dermaga Muara Angke in Pulau Tidung. Then either a one-hour ride aboard a semi-sub or full sub takes all into the reef proper.

A semi-sub is a submersible that does not go far below the water, but rather has a viewing port below that exposes all the wonders you would expect, and then some. The submarine is a true submersible and dives over 25 meters, giving all a closer look at the life below.

Each tours give you an in-your-face experience amid some of Indonesia’s best coral reefs, which fortunately for the local economy, is still in excellent condition. And each tours give all passengers the satisfaction that they’re doing their part to help preserve this natural beauty for generations to come.

Sure, it might feel like you are being bused about rather of getting that personal freedom to swim wherever you want, but it’s this slight sacrifice that also gives you that warm fuzzy that you have done the right thing, for the reefs, the locals, and your children to come.

For much more information on these ecotours, see one from the following operators:

Pulau Tidung Submarine ( whose office is located at 311/7, Mu 10, Pulau Tidung Masjid Road. Tickets are 2,000 Rupiah per adult and 1,500 Rupiah per child. The sub leaves around the hour, every hour on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. During the week the schedule is 10:30 am, 11:20 am, and then at 1:00 pm. To contact a customer service rep, you can call 0 3841 5234 or visit their website.

Pulau Tidung Jembatan Cinta Semi-Submarine has a local administrative office at 125 Soi 4, Beach Road, North Pulau Tidung. Tickets are 1,800 Rupiah for adults and 900 Rupiah for children. This tour includes lunch. To contact a customer service rep, call 0815 1109 25578 in Pulau Tidung or if in Jakarta call 021 978 727 4445


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