Adventures In Pulau Tidung

Scuba diving class I photographed in Monterey,...

Scuba diving class I photographed in Monterey, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pulau Tidung is not only the Land of Smiles, but also the land of adventures. What ever you passion, parasailing, scuba diving, kayaking down a tropical river, or simply sitting on the beach, Pulau Tidung has something for you personally. There are lots of methods to enjoy your holiday, inside or out.

For the active at heart, you will find lots of methods to get your excitement fix. You are able to go to most beaches and find operations that run parasailing. An exhilarating way to take a boat ride. You’re launched in the back of a boat by parachute and get towed about the ocean from 50 – 100 ft within the air. It is a heck of a way to get a view of your hotel.

Whilst at the beach you can also rent a jet ski and cruise around the ocean, hopping waves and having fun. If you’re with some friends, consider getting a ride on the inflatable tube, which once again is towed behind a boat and a pretty good speed. The float is shaped like a giant banana, and holds about four of one’s closest friends.

Not interest in cruising on top of the water and prefer to be under it? Pulau Tidung also boasts some of the worlds best diving. Head to Jembatan Cinta or West Beach Tidung Island and get your self immersed in great diving. Superb visibility and abundant sea life help make this a leading dive location.

Looking for something on dry land? Pulau Tidung has more than a few places for you to discover. Thousands of years of history leave plenty of amazing landmarks to explore. Then there are the more recent man produced attractions, like the Million Year Trees, Tongkol Fish Farms, and the Sukun Tropical Gardens.

If you’re searching to obtain out into the wild, there’s some thing for all those of you as well. You are able to go on an shark trek through the sea. Or you could take a leisurely kayak tour down an island river taking within the plants, wildlife, and the peaceful surroundings.

And if all that activity has you exhausted, you are able to lounge around on a white powder beach, soaking up the sun and drinking a beer. Whatever you choose, Pulau Tidung has the adventure you crave.


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